Veritas Prep Launches New GMAT Question Bank

The real GMAT constantly evolves, adds new questions, retires others, and even introduces entirely new question formats. So no company can sit back and let its practice tests collect dust — if the tests aren’t changing, then they’re not the best in the business.

As part of its ongoing commitment to build the best computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests available anywhere, earlier this month Veritas Prep launched its new GMAT Question Bank, containing hundreds of free practice GMA questions.

So why did Veritas Prep launch this free GMAT resource now? “We’ve created this tool and opened it up to everyone so that we can collect loads of data on our questions,” according to the Veritas Prep Blog. “We’ll use the data we collect to measure and refine our questions, which will then go into new generations of our GMAT practice tests.”

In effect, by answering these questions, students are helping the system learn about its own GMAT questions — which ones are easy, which ones are hard, which ones are confusing and need to be refined, etc. The system also learns about each user, and the result is an iterative process in which it measure users by seeing how they did on certain questions, and assesses those questions by seeing how well certain users performed on those questions.

The number of questions in the system will vary over time as the system validates questions. Once the system deems a question good enough to be in one of Veritas Prep’s 15 GMAT practice tests, it may disappear from the Question Bank and only be available to Veritas Prep GMAT students. But, students can always come back and view their past results at any time.

Right now you will see the five question types that are in the computer-adaptive parts of the GMAT: Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension, Data Sufficiency, and Problem Solving. There is no Integrated Reaosning in there yet, but according to Veritas Prep, that will change soon.

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