Get to Know: Fuqua School of Business

Given the Fuqua School of Business’s tight-knit culture, growing global footprint, and strength in academic areas such as marketing, it’s no surprise that it attracts so mnay top-flight applicants every year. We are often surprised, however, by how many applicants apply to Duke without understanding the school and knowing whether or not it’s a good fit for them. We always urge these applicants to go back and do their homework a bit more before they start crafting their Duke applications.

Today we present five reasons why Fuqua may be a great place for you to spend two years as an MBA student:

You’ve got some work experience under your belt
Fuqua traditionally prefers that students in the Daytime MBA have about five years of work experience, though there is some flexibility on this requirement for stellar candidates.

You’re a less experienced candidate
The MMS degree is a great option for those coming straight from college, and the Cross-Continent MBA also sometimes accepts students with a little less work experience (though some years of work experience — and a current job — are definitely required).

You want to go into energy, including green energy
Whether you want to go into investment banking or become a sell-side commodities analyst, or you want to push innovations in alternative energy, or you care about sustainability in business, Duke is increasing its attentions in these critical areas and could be a great choice to launch or reposition your career.

You want to go into healthcare
There are few other programs with anything like the depth and breadth of healthcare management available at Duke. For those looking to accelerate their progression in an existing career or someone interested in transitioning over to hospital management, clinical outcomes, or the payer side, Duke’s Health Sector Management MBA and the other educational options are hard to beat.

You want a truly unique international MBA education
The Cross-Continent and the Global Executive tracks are both in a class of their own in terms of providing immersive opportunities with an exceptionally diverse cohort. If your career has already put you in the international arena, these are definitely worth investigating. Duke’s focus on global business is evident across all the school and makes the North Carolina campus more diverse than might be expected.

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