Get to Know: Ross School of Business

When clients talk to us and list the handful of MBA programs to which they’re applying, the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business is often on the list. Given the school’s strong academics, impressive alumni reach, and strength in multiple academic disciplines, it’s no wonder that so many people apply to Ross each year.

Today we dig into five reasons why you should consider Ross

You have a little more work experience
With an average of 5 years of experience for incoming students, Ross wants to see some significant work history. In fact, the admissions office states outright that it is “difficult to be admitted” straight from college. They generally require at least a year or two of high-quality work experience — preferably a bit more before seriously considering an applicant. Unlike some other schools, Ross will not even accept an application from someone who is currently a college senior.

You’re interested in sustainability or want to launch a social venture
Ross has led the way with socially responsible business and sustainability, with a focus on these issues for much longer than any other school. Ross has a well established track record of educating social entrepreneurs and supporting ventures with a heart. If you want a “green” education, there’s not another school that can easily top Ross.

You’d like to get your MBA while keeping your day job
Ross has some very practical part-time programs, including the Ross Global time-shifted and globe-trotting track which is geared for those doing business in Asia.

You’re interested in study supply chain or operations
The one-year MSCM degree is not an MBA but it is appealing for certain types of people looking to advance in operations, and it is a unique degree not found at many other schools. Ross also has strong offerings for MBA students pursuing careers in this function.

You like the idea of attending a large state school
As a state school, the tuition at Ross is about $5,000 per year lower for Michigan residents, but even out-of-state students will find that the overall bill is less than most other Top 10 schools, and the cost of living in Ann Arbor is certainly less than the cost of living in most cities on the right and left coasts.

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