Yale’s 3-Year JD/MBA Program to Become Official

For the past two years Yale University has offered a three-year joint JD/MBA degree, offered between Yale Law School and the Yale School of Management. Last month, after a nearly year-long review, the Yale Law School faculty has voted to make the joint degree a permanent offering. While the business school’s faculty has yet to vote, it is expected that it will also vote in favor of making the program permanent.

The Yale JD/MBA program is only six semesters long, with no summer component, making it one of the shortest such programs in the country. Students spend two academic years in the Law School and one year in the School of Management. While this is not the first such program in the nation — Northwestern, Duke, and Penn also offer similar programs — the fact that Yale Law School has finally embraced this model means that it’s probably not going away, and it could mean that more top universities will soon follow.

Note that for a while now Yale has offered a more traditional JD/MBA that spans four years. Nine students are currently enrolled in the three-year program, and many of them have stated that the accelerated program’s lack of a summer term attracted them to the program. While Yale has not yet created new, specific courses that merge the two disciplines (as Columbia has done), it may start developing such courses now that the program will be permanent.

Visit the Yale website for more information about Yale’s three-year JD/MBA program.

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