Five Reasons to Consider NYU Stern

NYU’s Stern School of Business boasts an innovative curriculum and terrific location make it one of the first schools that many MBA applicants consider, particularly those who are interested in pursuing careers on Wall Street. If you’re aiming for top tier MBA programs, particularly ones with strong ties to the banking sector, then you’re almost certainly thinking about applying to Stern. But, besides knowing that it’s a top-ranked school that sends many grads into finance careers, how well do you really know Stern? How do you know if it’s a good fit for you? And, perhaps more importantly, how do you know if the admissions committee will decide you’re a good fit for Stern?

Today we go beyond the obvious and look at five reasons why you should consider applying to Stern:

You’re in New York and you want to keep your job.
Okay, this one may be obvious, but it’s still important. While working full time and doing business school on the side makes for a very hectic and sometimes stressful life, Stern does have a flexible program designed for working professionals who are ready to advance their careers but not willing to step outside of their industry for two years to do so.

You want to work in luxury goods.
Very few top business schools have specialized offerings in luxury retail and brand management, and Stern is one of them (the others include ESSEC in France and perhaps Harvard, along with some lesser-known programs in Europe such as Bocconi). The school has done an admirable job of helping its recent grads land jobs with lesser-known, out-of-the way luxury good firms that only do very little MBA hiring.

You are a little further along in your career.
Stern prefers candidates to have significant work experience to make the most out of the MBA and to be able to contribute to their peers. While work experience is not actually required to apply to either the full-time or the part-time MBA programs, it can be difficult to get an offer from Stern unless you’re able to demonstrate how your background has prepared you for the challenging environment.

You are considering working in the non-profit sector
Stern has an active and growing presence into the non-profit world in New York and beyond with a strong social enterprise curriculum. New programs include the Stern Fellows (appoints second-year students to serve as non-voting members on the boards of local charities) and classes such as Examining the Nonprofit Capital Market which teaches students how to apply best practices in business to the challenges of a nonprofit model.

You want to go into media and entertainment.
If you want to pursue a career in media, you probably need to be in New York or Los Angeles. Columbia, UCLA, USC, and NYU are the best choices for anyone looking to do something in the entertainment industry, the music business, sports, publishing, or broadcasting, and Stern has a specific program designed to support students and graduates. In fact, the number of students coming to Stern from entertainment or media jobs doubled recently, to 16% of the entire class.

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