Five Things You Should Know About UCLA Anderson

UCLA’s Anderson School of Management is one of the top-ranked business school in the world, and we get inquiries about it from prospective applicants all the time. If you’re reading this, odds are that you’re interested in Anderson, too. But, how well do you really know the school? How do you know if you and Anderson are a good fit? More to the point, how do you know if the Anderson admissions committee will decide that you’re a good fit for the school?

Today we look at five things you should know before applying to UCLA Anderson:

The UCLA Anderson Culture
The emphasis on teamwork inside and outside of the classroom is the hallmark of the UCLA Anderson experience and the foundation for the rest of the school’s approach. Student collaboration and leadership within teams is the attribute that ties everything together at UCLA Anderson. Many business schools have great student cultures, but Anderson’s culture is virtually unmatched, save perhaps for Kellogg. In fact, Anderson and Kellogg can often seem very similar in this one area of true collaboration and a spirit of teamwork that runs through the entire program.

A Commitment to Diversity
Not only does UCLA Anderson have a wide mix of students across every spectrum — age, racial background, country of origin, gender — but it also attracts a very diverse mix of students by profession, both in terms of what career Anderson students pursued before getting their MBAs, and what new direction they are taking themselves upon graduation. Unlike most schools which have a high concentration of sending graduates to just one or two separate industries, Anderson graduates disperse all across the workforce in a vast array of industries and jobs. There is not one predominant career focus at Anderson, which fosters a vibrant community and eliminates some of the cliques that can develop at other schools.

Real Social Venture Initiatives
Social enterprise programs have sprouted at most top business schools and “doing good” is a theme on a lot of campuses, however the wealth of on-campus activities and resources at Anderson and the number of opportunities to get involved is more extensive than at many other top MBA programs. From the standards like the NetImpact club, to Challenge for Charity, to the very unique Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Disabled Veterans and a wide range of others, Anderson students have the ability to participate in important efforts to make the most of their time at business school.

Sustainable Business
Anderson was the first major business school to create a special certificate in sustainability for its MBA program, and now the Leaders for Sustainability has grown to over 100 students every year. Anderson is also seeking LEED certification for its building, and students participate in the 1000 Homes competition and the California Clean Innovation Conference, among other events, every year.

Other schools offer entrepreneurship, but few have innovation and new thinking ingrained into the culture the same way that UCLA Anderson does. From the Business Creation Option of its Applied Management Research requirement, in which students literally start a new venture, to the multiple business plan competitions and Entrepreneurship Week, Anderson students are immersed in the entrepreneurial mindset on campus.

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2 responses to “Five Things You Should Know About UCLA Anderson

  1. nice perspective, quite helpful ! Thanks for the article !
    Is that true that UCLA is known for media management stuff too?
    If not them, then which (top) school is famous for media + general management things?
    which one is famous for consulting?

  2. Yes, UCLA definitely has strong ties to the media industry! USC, too, by virtue of its location. Don’t forget the New York schools, too, which have ties to the media companies headquartered there.

    For consulting, take your pick among the top 10+ schools. The big management consulting firms recruit at pretty much all of them.

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