2010 Businessweek MBA Rankings

Recently Bloomberg Businessweek released its new business school rankings for 2010. U.S. News and Businessweek vie for the title of most closely watched business schools rankings. While it’s debatable as to whether the Businessweek MBA ranking system or the U.S. News ranking system is more valid, the fact that BW’s rankings only come out every two years always makes this announcement a little extra exciting.

Here are the top 30 U.S. business schools, according to Bloomberg Businessweek:

1. Booth (Chicago)
2. Harvard
3. Wharton (Penn)
4. Kellogg (Northwestern)
5. Stanford
6. Fuqua (Duke)
7. Ross (Michigan)
8. Haas (UC Berkeley)
9. Columbia
10. Sloan (MIT)
11. Darden (UVA)
12. Cox (SMU)
13. Johnson (Cornell)
14. Tuck (Dartmouth)
15. Tepper (Carnegie Mellon)
16. Kenan-Flagler (UNC Chapel Hill)
17. Anderson (UCLA)
18. Stern (NYU)
19. Kelley (Indiana)
20. Broad (Michigan State)
21. Yale
22. Goizueta (Emory)
23. Georgia Tech
24. Mendoza (Notre Dame)
25. McCombs (UT Austin)
26. Marshall (USC)
27. Marriott (BYU)
28. Carlson (Minnesota)
29. Jones (Rice)
30. Mays (Texas A&M)

And here are Businessweek’s top 10 international MBA programs:

2. Queen’s
3. IE Business School
5. London Business School
6. Ivey (Western Ontario)
7. IMD
8. Rotman (Toronto)
9. Schulich (York)
10. Judge (Cambridge)

We could try to tell you that the rankings aren’t that important, but to do so would be to ignore human nature. Simply because they exist, these rankings influence other applicants, employers, faculty members, and other key people. However, trying to determine which is better of two programs when one program is ranked higher by Businessweek, and the other ranks higher in the U.S. News rankings, misses the point entirely. Use these rankings to help yourself get a feel for the MBA landscape to determine what level of program competitiveness you might have a shot at, and to spot programs with specific strengths you might not have originally considered.

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