Chicago Booth MBA Application Deadlines for 2010-2011

Chicago Booth’s online application is now available for the 2010-2011 season. You may notice that Round 1 and Round have barely changed, but there is some interesting news on the Round 3 front that has bigger implications for many applicants’ overall timing strategies.

Here are the school’s new deadlines, followed by our comments in italics:

Chicago Booth Admissions Deadlines
Round 1: October 13, 2010
Round 2: January 5, 2011
Round 3: April 13, 2011

Round 1 and Round 2 have each only changed by a day this year, although Booth’s Round 3 deadline is now five weeks later than it was last year! We suspect the reason may be similar to the reason that UCLA Anderson gave us before: Top U.S. schools compete with many top international schools to attract great candidates, and many international schools’ final deadlines come much later than American schools’ deadlines typically do. Booth doesn’t want to miss out on a great applicant (who has legitimate reasons for applying in Round 3) simply because the admissions office has already shut its doors for the year.

For applicants who worry that Round 3 means an almost certain rejection letter, this is an important clue: The school has pushed back its deadline to encourage more people to apply! Round 3 must not be a complete dead end, then. While we still advise that candidates aim for Round 1 or Round 2, don’t believe all that you hear about Round 3 being impossible, especially at schools such as Booth that have made changes in their schedules to encourage more applicants to apply in Round 3.

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