HBS 2+2 Program Application Deadline is June 15, 2010

Earlier this week Harvard Business School has announced this year’s application deadline for the HBS 2+2 Program: June 15, 2010. Note that this is a couple of week’s earlier than last year’s deadline.

On the HBS Admissions blog, Dee Leopold wrote:

This is a special message to college students who have been waiting to see the essay questions for the upcoming 2+2 application season. Surprise: They are the same as last year’s!! Before we get to being creative and tinkering with them, we decided to have three years of the same questions so we can do a little bit of longitudinal analysis about the responses. Please visit the 2+2 Program website so you can learn more details about the program and the application dates.

Interesting comment about how the school wants another year’s worth of data before they start tinkering with the questions. Usually, when a school changes its essay questions, that’s a sign that it wasn’t happy with what the previous questions were accomplishing — in terms of getting to know each individual applicant or in terms of separating the great applicants from the rest of the pack. HBS probably doesn’t feel a pressing need to change things at this point, but we’re curious how this might change next year. Given that some schools now accept audio or video responses, and that HBS wants its 2+2 Program to be hip and appeal “to the kids,” we wonder if HBS will eventually offer an essay option that has a digital or social-media component.

The HBS 2+2 Program was designed to attract impressive undergraduate students coming from non-business disciplines such as engineering and humanities. Accordingly, they’re looking for students coming from those majors, rather than from undergraduate business programs. If you feel like you don’t have a very business-ish background, and if you’re current a college junior, then now is the time to start thinking about applying. To get a feel for what to expect in the coming months, take a look at the HBS 2+2 Program Timeline on Harvard’s web site. You’ll notice that the timeline suggests taking the GMAT or GRE this spring. If you haven’t yet gotten ready for the test, take a look at the GMAT prep classes from Veritas Prep.

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