New GMAC Survey Says Most 2009 MBA Grads Found Jobs by September

Building on our recent post about the MBA job market appearing to thaw, GMAC just released the results of a survey that shows that three-quarters of 2009 full-time MBA grads had jobs by September. Of part-time MBA graduates, 96 per cent of them had jobs by then.

While those statistics are pretty encouraging, the salary numbers present a slightly less rosy picture. Many MBA grads found that the starting salaries they were offered were lower than those offered to their counterparts from previous years. The median starting salary for all survey participants who finished school last year was $79,271, down slightly from the Class of 2008’s $80,000 median starting salary.

Back to some more good news: The survey reports that the Class of 2009 also reasonably satisfied with their jobs. Fifty-eight per cent of grads said they were in the kind of position they had hoped to find, 48 per cent indicated they were very or extremely satisfied with the direction their career was taking, and 47 per cent said they felt their employer placed particular value on their graduate management degree. Meanwhile, 78 per cent of respondents who graduated in 2009 reported that their degree was essential to landing their job.

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