Is the MBA Job Market Finally Thawing?

A recent Reuters article described the job outlook for a bunch of MIT Sloan students as they returned from their annual “Tech Treck” job trips, in which they visit employers all over the United States. It sounds as though companies — especially the more tech-oriented ones that Sloan students visit — could finally start hiring again this year.

According to the article:

And what they found gave them reason to hope; tech outfits are finally seeing demand pick up, energy companies are pushing hard to develop renewable fuels and together the two sectors could lead the way out of a job market morass.

Employment growth in the United States has famously been powered by small- and medium-sized businesses. So far in the fragile economic recovery many small firms have been reluctant or unable to take on new staff.

Normally MIT Sloan graduates find themselves choosing among multiple six-figure job offers, but last year even healthy and growing companies such as Google significantly cut back on the number of Sloan grads that it hired. Now, as companies expect demand to warm up and some spot opportunities that they will need managerial talent to go after, grads at Sloan and other top business schools can expect the job offers to start flowing again, at least more than they did last year.

For students in the Class of 2010, many of whom still hope to land jobs before they graduate this spring, the news that some companies are ready to hire again is obviously a very welcome sign. It’s even better news for the Class of 2011, though — assuming they can find some sort of meaningful internship work this coming summer, they still have at least a year’s more time for the economy to warm up again before they they need to find full-time work. And, today’s applicants (the Class of 2012) can expect the market to be even better by the time they’re looking for work, although in today’s market anything can happen.

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