MIT Sloan Students Venture into the Job Market

Today more than 150 MIT Sloan MBA students will kick off the annual rite of passage known as “Tech Treks,” visiting companies in Boston, Seattle, and Silicon Valley. While they will mostly hit tech-related companies (as the name of the trips implies), many of the companies they’ll visit are heavily consumer-oriented, such as Apple and Facebook.

Tech Treks started in the mid 1990s, when a group of MIT Sloan students organized a job-hunting and networking visit to Silicon Valley. Since then the trips have expanded, now covering most major markets in the U.S. where there’s a critical mass of tech-related companies. What started with a handful of students in the first year has grown to include almost 20% of the MIT Sloan student body. These trips have turned out to be a great way to bring students and jobs together, especially in a rough market.

Of course, the job market for new MBAs still looks quite soft, but the Tech Treks give them a head start in the recruiting process, allowing them to network with MIT Sloan alumni and other people at their target employers. We wish this year’s crop of Tech Trekkers (Treckies?) the best of luck!

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