Done With Your Business School Applications? Keep Working on Them!

Have you just finished and submitted your Round 1 applications? Time to finally sit back, relax, and wait for the interview invitations to come streaming in, right? Not exactly! Believe it or not, the months and weeks after you submit your applications can still be very critical in shaping your chances of admissions success.

Why? Because whether you are invited to interview (an almost mandatory first step before being admitted to most top MBA programs), get waitlisted, or are rejected, you always want to keep building your resume. That means seeking out new opportunities on the job or continuing your community involvement. If you get invited to interview, imagine how good it will feel to have significant new accomplishments — that you haven’t already covered in your essays or resume — to talk about. If you get waitlisted, such new experiences can provide a great reason to contact the admissions office and provide an update on your candidacy. And, if you’re rejected, then continuing to pile on accomplishments will make you that much more appealing as an applicant next year. Although you may feel like you’ve been working forever, the fact is that you’re probably still a young professional, and a few months can still have a big impact on your career when you only have a few years of work experience.

Another thing you should do is start preparing for your interviews. By the time you’re invited (if you’re invited), you should already know your application inside and out. Some schools conduct their interviews “blind,” with the interviewer only knowing your resume, while other schools’ interviewers will know your entire application. In either case, anything that you put on your resume or in your application is fair game, and you should expect to be questioned about any of it. Also, it’s your job to know what the school’s interviewers tend to ask — you have enough time to prepare that nothing should catch you off guard. As soon as you’re done working on your applications, direct your energy toward this important next step in the process.

Taking these steps will help to maximize your success this year, or — if you’re not successful now — they will give you a head start for next year.

If you’re still researching schools and deciding to apply, or are getting ready for your own admissions interviews, download Veritas Prep’s 15 free Veritas Prep Annual Reports. And, as always, be sure to follow MBA Game Plan on Twitter!


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