Lifetime Earnings for an MBA? Ask Warren Buffett!

In today’s CNBC town hall event, Warren Buffet made an impressive offer to the hundreds of Columbia Business School students who gathered to hear him and Bill Gates speak:

Right now, I would pay a hundred-thousand dollars for 10 percent of the future earnings of any of you. So, if anyone wants to see me after this is over. If that’s true, you’re a million dollar asset right now, right? If ten percent of you is worth a hundred-thousand? You could improve on that, many of you, and I certainly could have when I got out, just in terms of learning communication skills.

It’s not something that’s taught, I actually went to a Dale Carnegie course later on in terms of public speaking. But if you improve your value 50 percent by having better communication skills, it’s another 500-thousand dollars in terms of capital value. See me after the class and I’ll pay you 150-thousand.

While we wonder what Buffett would actually do if those hundreds of students all lined up with their hands out, waiting to collect $100,000 each, Buffett’s comments highlight the impressive earnings potential of anyone who graduates from a top-ranked business school. These days, with the job market still soft and Wall Street still on shaky footing (at least jobs-wise), it’s good to remember than earning an MBA is still one of the surest paths to maximizing your lifetime earnings!

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