HBS Round 1 Interview Update

On Thursday Harvard Business School’s Director of Admissions, Dee Leopold, posted an update to her blog letting applicants know that there are still a “significant number” of Round 1 interview invitations that have not yet been sent. And, she reminded applicants that the timing of one’s interview invite is not an indication of the strength of that person’s candidacy.

She went on to describe the interaction between this year’s Round 1 waitlist and the coming wave of Round 2 applicants:

A note about the waitlist – remember, this year we are making Round 1 decisions before we see Round 2 applications. On December 15, I expect there will be a significant number – maybe 100 or so – of invitations to join the waitlist to candidates who have NOT been interviewed. As we review Round 2 applications, we may be inviting some of these candidates to interview in the Round 2 interview timeline.

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