HBS Interview Invitations Coming October 16

In a post on the Harvard Business School admissions blog last Friday, Dee Leopold wrote that HBS will release its first interview invitations starting October 16. She went to great lengths to stress that the admissions office doesn’t know how many it will send in a day, so you shouldn’t bother asking! That said, she does expect that they won’t send as many per day as they did last year. So, we could see a steady trickle of interview invitations between now and December 15. Most of the school’s admissions interviews will take place in Boston and other large cities in the month of November.

And for those applicants who stay awake at night worrying that their interview invitation got lost somewhere on the Internet, Dee offers this reassurance:

Don’t worry about whether our email will get lost and we’ll give away your interview spot. We don’t do that. We’ll find you. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we haven’t lost anyone yet!

If you’re looking for more advice on applying to HBS, Veritas prep has just released a series of free reports on the top business schools (including Harvard, of course). Just visit this page to register for free and download your free HBS report.


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