Dean Dipak Jain Steps Down at Kellogg

Dipak Jain will step down from his post as Dean of Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management on September 1, and will return to the Kellogg faculty following a year’s leave of absence. The school will soon appoint an interim dean, and the university will begin a national search for Jain’s replacement.

“I have been both honored and fortunate to have been able to serve as dean of this wonderful school,” said Jain, who served as the school’s dean for eight years. “Over the past eight years as dean, it has been my pleasure to work alongside wonderful colleagues whose dedication to Kellogg has made my job a joy. I truly appreciate the support, guidance and assistance that I have received from Kellogg faculty, staff, students and alumni during my tenure as dean.”

This is the first real leadership search the school has had to conduct for some time, since Donald Jacobs held the school’s dean post from 1975 through 2001, after which Jain, a Kellogg faculty member since 1986, assumed the mantle in what was a simple internal transition of leadership. Now, for the first time in more than three decades Kellogg will have to conduct an original search for its next leader, a search that may take it outside of Kellogg’s walls.

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