Stanford GSB Class of 2008 Job Statistics

In February Stanford GSB published its final job placement statistics for the Class of 2008.

Not surprisingly, consulting was the most popular single industry, with 27% of the class opting for a median starting salary of $1250,000 and a median signing bonus of $20,000. Private equity came next, at 14% of the class, with the median starting salary being $150,000 and the median signing bonus clocking in at $32,500.

Slicing it by function, consulting was still the most popular, at 29% of the class, with private equity (16%) and investment management (8%) coming next.

For the full stats, visit Stanford GSB’s blog.

It’s interesting to see that the non-profit sector accounted for 5% of Stanford GSB grads’ post-MBA career plans. While this is consistent with other top schools’ statistics, we wonder if this number will increase this year and next as the rough economy encourages more grads to pursue non-profit and social enterprise careers in place of high-paying consulting and banking jobs, which may not be plentiful in the near term.

For more information on Stanford and advice on getting in, visit the Veritas Prep Stanford GSB information page.


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