Admissions Webinar for MBA Applicants

On February 25 Veritas Prep and the Robert A. Toigo foundation will host an online seminar for anyone who is considering an MBA and a career in finance.

The Robert A. Toigo Foundation was founded to encourage more minority presence at senior levels across all areas of finance. Consistent with this mission, the Foundation recruits the best, the brightest, and the most committed minority students pursuing finance-related careers. Minority MBA applicants can apply to become Toigo Fellows who receive tuition assistance, but the grants are just one part of the Fellowship. The Toigo Foundation also provides mentors and coaches to advise, support and guide up-and-coming MBAs in finance. The organization also offers career counseling, leadership training, and a host of formal and informal networking opportunities for its members.

In the February 25 online event, Veritas Prep will provide an overview of the MBA admissions process. This is an ideal way for a new applicant to get a broad strategic overview of what it takes to get into a top business school. Then, a representative from the Toigo Foundation will provide an introduction to the Toigo Foundation’s mission, its specific programs, and the benefits it provides to its members.

This online seminar is open to anyone who would like to learn more about the MBA admissions process and what the Robert A. Toigo Foundation has to offer. Register here (scroll down to the bottom of the page) to reserve your spot!


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