MBA Essay Topics: How Racy Can You Get?

I recently heard from an applicant who was writing an MBA admissions essay that could be construed by some to be a little controversial. Basically, it contained a “dirty phrase” that was actually helped him describe a hobby that’s very important to him. He asked me if I thought it was a bad idea.

My advice is that you should always show the real you in your essays, but you also need to exercise some common sense. You simply don’t know who will give your essay a read in the admissions office. While in a perfect admissions office, everyone reads every application exactly the same way, free of their biases, opinions, political views, etc., that’s never going to be the case.

Don’t water it down and make your business school application essays bland, but don’t give an admissions officer, who may not have your same sense of humor, an easy reason to ding you.

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