Announcing Our Law School Admissions Contest!

To introduce our new law school admissions consulting services, Veritas Prep has announced a contest for law school applicants. The contest winner will receive a complimentary Veritas Prep Admission Brief consulting package that includes comprehensive assistance with the application process for three law schools. The Admissions Brief is a $3,100 value, and includes:

  • An admissions consultant from the school of your choice to personally work with you throughout the entire law school application process
  • The Veritas Prep Law School Game Plan™ – a proven approach to help you gain perspective and shape every component of your application
  • An admissions consultant who has been through this exact process and can suggest proven techniques
  • Insider opinion from recent graduates of the nation’s top law schools to make sure you are applying to the right schools
  • Winning suggestions identifying and maximizing those community service and work experience elements that will appeal to the admissions committee
  • Guidance to help you construct powerful and persuasive essays
  • Editorial critiques that focus on grammar, content, and style
  • Customized feedback to help you craft the best possible resume
  • Proven strategies to solicit effective letters of recommendation

Don’t miss your opportunity to win free admissions consulting services to help maximize your candidacy for admission to the nation’s top law schools!

To Enter:

In one page, using any media of your choice, explain why you want to become a lawyer. Submissions must be received by 4pm PDT on November 15, 2008. Please email your entry to our law school admissions consulting team at

As you prepare your application, visit our site to learn more about our law school admissions consulting services.


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