Lowest Price on The Official Guide for GMAT Review

Today Veritas Prep introduces an offer that just might change the landscape of GMAT preparation — a brand new copy of The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 11 Edition, for just $10 plus shipping. This isn’t a used copy or an older edition. This is the real deal that some stores sell for over $30. (Since this is such a low price, we’re limiting this offer to one per person, while supplies last.)

We believe that success favors the prepared, especially when it comes to test preparation. We feels so strongly about this that we want The Official Guide to be affordable anyone who is preparing to take the exam. While you may decide to purchase other materials and services to prepare for the exam, this book can be a great starting point as you begin your GMAT preparation journey.

If you want additional preparation for the exam, Veritas Prep offers the most comprehensive GMAT prep courses in the industry. We urge you to buy a copy of The Official Guide, get familiar with the test and gauge how much help you may need, and then take a closer look at what Veritas Prep has to offer, including our full 42-hour course, private tutoring, and online training.

Best of luck. We hope you crush the GMAT!


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